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ADVAS / And Still They Rise – Phoenixes

And Still They Rise – Phoenixes

Every story is important.

The team at Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society is proud to introduce you to seven unique stories about the people we have assisted over the years. Each week, we will introduce you to someone new, and we welcome you to follow along with their journey through the week on social media. On Sundays, we will post the full story here on our blog.

From facing serious abuse and violent attacks, to coping with the impacts of a violent robbery and a crime committed by a close family member – our stories will share with you the experiences of those who need support from ADVAS. Just as every crime is unique, so is the experience of each person who is a victim of a crime.

We also invite you to share your Phoenix story with us. Your story can inspire others to heal.

  • PHOENIX: Katja
    This week, as part of the Phoenix Campaign by ADVAS, we met Katja. Managing her full class schedule has been challenging for Katja, and she has found ways to stay on top of the work that she needs to be doing. She has a regular routine, every week the same, where she gets together with…
  • PHOENIX: Ajay
    This week, as part of the Phoenix Campaign by ADVAS, we met Ajay. Ajay was a young man with big dreams. Coming to Canada from overseas just 6 years ago, he and his family have worked hard to be successful here. His hard work has paid off, and he is starting his career at a…
  • PHOENIX: Gabby
    This week, as part of the Phoenix Campaign by ADVAS, we met Gabby. Gabby was a young woman who was married to the love of her life. Like so many people, she entered her marriage with so much love and hope for her future with her husband. Gabby and her husband both worked, and they…
  • Share Your Phoenix Story
    Everyone experiences crime differently. People, like you, who have had to survive know what it means to find ways to cope, to manage, to heal. For someone who is experiencing trauma, tragedy, and loss, your story could inspire them to heal. If you need support now, you can find resources here and can reach an…